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dansmathcast_023 dansmathcast #23 - One Full Year! / we explore radical equations, secret codes, read some e-mail, explode another math myth, and use calculus to find max or min / two other math websites (besides, and a math joke round out the show!
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soon to be... show twenty-three! i am working on my next podcast / and will be speaking at a math teachers conference this week / showing some of my mathematica graphics and animations and plugging my podcast / my new problem-of-the-week #256 is up now on / i dare you to try it-- no charge! % ;-}
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dansmathcast_022 dansmathcast #22 / it's for you / this time we... discuss voting systems, start a new algebra book, look at functions, bask in the fan mail, and meet more quadratic numbers with weird properties / math joke is a calculus limerick / download all the old shows and learn a lot!
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other voting methods with the midterm elections (and midterm exams) behind us, we might start looking at other voting systems, besides the simple "plurality" / there are "instant runoff" and other surprising methods used in other parts of the world / we'll look into these on upcoming podcast #22
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dansmathcast_021 dansmathcast #21 - it's not a show about blackjack (or jack black) / this time it's medical math / dansquotes from podango / the unfinished chapter on quadratics / algebraic number fields of degree 2 / show 19 parabola found / mediccast promo
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