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dansmathcast_009 dansmathcast - ya gotta love it ! show #9 explains coordinates and graphs, statistics, polyhedra, math in the media, and more. visit for math lessons, an ongoing problem contest, and lots more.
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dansmath rolls on ! dansmathcast has just crossed over the one billion download milestone! / oh, wait, maybe that was iTunes song downloads / the picture at right is part of the "nested circle world" / the great descartes had a formula back in 1637 for the curvatures of four "kissing circles" / i used it and mathematica to draw hundreds of circles; only a few are shown here / you can learn and see more at my popular website,
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dansmathcast_008 dansmathcast - the title says it all! show #8 explains mixture, percent, and distance-rate-time problems, tessellations, who's looking at dan, and derivatives in calculus. stop by for math lessons, feature pages, a problem-of-the-week contest, and plenty more...
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dansmathflix #1 - woodhead & safir dansmathflix #1 / a video podcast ! / by popular demand, and because i wanted to, our heroes woodhead and safir (voiced by dan and patty) go on their first math adventure ! / "dansmathflix" will share the dansmathcast feed, with animations or short videos illustrating math topics / watch 'em on computer, iPod video, or other gizmo (.mov format for max compatibility)
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