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dansmathcast_007 dansmathcast - a math variety show, is produced twice a month. show #7 addresses equations, word problems, math in the movies, and basics of calculus. visit for free lessons, feature pages, a problem-of-the-week contest, and other math stuff !
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how to do word problems ! hi dansmathfans - podcast #7 is in the works! this time it's the burning question my students always ask - "how do we do word problems?" - which comes after the question, "what are we gonna use all this math for?" - also coming up this weekend: the basics of calculus - so check back in a couple of days!
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dansmathcast_006 dansmathcast, a math variety show, appears here twice a month. show #6 looks at polynomials, fibonacci numbers, math hall-of-fame, and approximation techniques. go to for details, free lessons, feature pages, problem-of-the-week contest, and more!
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do you want math videos? hello dansmath-heads, thanks for your support. i have a cartoon, woodhead and safir, and several mathematica animations done and in the works. do you want to see them, and is it ok to mix videos into this same feed? speak your piece at, and feel free to vote for dansmathcast at too! (icosahedron drawn with mathematica)
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