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dansmathcast_013 dansmathcast #13 / it's your lucky day / the baker's-dozenth show covers graphing lines, a listener e-mail about irrationality, answers to previous show questions, best-fitting lines and curves, and student-sent math jokes! / celebrate my six months of podcasting by visiting for all your math nerds' needs!
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make the impossible happen ! whatever you do, you can do it better if you know some math. some of my students have said they thought it was impossible that they would ever pass, not to mention enjoy, a math class! this picture may look like an impossible object, but if you're looking at it, how impossible can it be? (podcast 13 on the way)
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dansmathcast_012 dansmathcast #12 / who "dozen" like math? / apparently there are strong feelings on both sides / dansmathcast is a show for math nerds, math phobics, and everyone in between / this show looks at rational algebra, trig basics, e-mail questions, linear algebra, and which primes are sums of two squares / visit for contest problems and much more!
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segment logos for dansmathcast "know your podcaster" / one of the regular features on my math podcast / others are "chapter of the week" although the show comes out twice a month) / mathematics for the masses / advanced math topic of the week / viewer mail (ok, reader & listener mail) / speaking of knowing me, have you listened to podcasts # 1 - 11 yet? / #12 is on the way, with pythagorean theorem at the kentucky derby!
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