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running, then podcasting... hello runners and math nerds - are we a small or large intersection on the big venn diagram of life? / i just finished the silicon valley half marathon in record time - my slowest ever! / now working on show #21 - it will be out by halloween with more good math stuff for you!
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is math class a joke? your math class should make sense, but it shouldn't be so easy it's a joke / challenge yourself with some of the harder homework problems, even ones that aren't assigned / if you need a break from studying, listen to the math joke at the end of each of my podcasts!
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dansmathcast_020 dansmathcast #20 - a show for you - math geek or math challenged. this time we look at geometry, logarithms, the math movie "proof," and induct sophie germain into the hall of fame. and 2 all u dansmathfans: thanks for the downloads, now vote for me at iTunes and PodcastAlley!
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bach from podcast expo! here i am at the podcast expo in southern calif - in the libsyn car! i met lots of famous podcasters and bloggers, and got some exposure for dansmathcast / especially nice was talking to leo laporte, adam christianson of the maccast, 'shooby' kumar, and john 'oneminutetip' chambers, voices i knew well from their shows!
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