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dansmathflix #2 - ways of seeing numbers here is dan's latest math film, "ways of seeing numbers" / from roman numerals to time codes, color hues, rgb numbers, coordinate systems, animations, and more / dan shows that it's all based on numbers!
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bach to school ! it's that time of the year again - students are buying books (such as the bach & leitner classic shown in the picture) and going online (for example, just to learn the world's most important subject: math! (is there anything of mine i haven't plugged?) so keep listening to my podcast, and watch for dansmathflix #2 soon.
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dansmathcast_017 dansmathcast #17 (the world's most random number) / this time: rational expressions and equations (part 2), ways of seeing numbers, dan's e-mail questions, another 'math in the movies', equations of parabolas and hyperbolas, and trig riddles / andre agassi and tiger woods academies / my site is / dansmathcast is now a member of MERLOT, a multimedia education resource!
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is math a language ? thank you for subscribing, voting, commenting, and of course listening / what an honor to find dansmathcast listed in the top 20 on podcast alley / many people say math is like a foreign language, and that's partly true / i am completing work on dansmathflix #2, "ways of seeing numbers" / it should be out in a couple or three weeks, after episode #17 / check for new links and directories listing dansmathcast soon!
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