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dansmath interview hey dansmathfans - i was just interviewed for iProng magazine (by bill palmer) about my website and my podcast, and there i am alongside swimmer Natalie Coughlin and rock legend Journey! visit and look for the sept. 18, 2008 issue. read all about me, my background, and the making of the dansmath empire!
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at new media expo! some serious podfading this year; i am in production of show #34 but left it to go to las vegas. i just got interviewed on twitlive with leo laporte (older picture at right) and on iprong radio with bill palmer. i'm enjoying being recognized around the convention center!
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i'm a joiner, not a fighter ok, i know there have been no podcasts for a while ... i am putting show #34 together and i have also joined some groups: , , , , and ... the last two or three are online teacher-resource-learning-community-social things!
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in school again, 2008 style only a true math geek would wear a "FOIL" shirt to a public gathering / "First, Outside, Inside, Last" takes on a new meaning at my favorite Chinese restaurant / listen to episode 31 for the occasion / working on episode 34 to "keep algebra fresh" in 2008 %;-}
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happy new year from dan happy 2008 = 2 * 2 * 2 * 251 from all of us at (me, myself and \/(-1).) dan is recording podcast 33 and it will be out very soon, so warm up those ipods!
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dan's math vs art gallery page hey dansmathfans / i have been meaning to put up a math picture gallery for a long time / here is a start / go to and click the picture gallery button / four ways to view a 3D functioni / those nested circles / poking holes in polyhedra / morphed curves and more !
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bach is back at podcast expo... hey dansmathcast fans / i am down at the podcast expo in \"spacious\" Ontario, Calif. / i tried to get a show out before i left but ran out of time / i\'ll be back from my summer hiatus next week with more math content for you!
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yes i'm alive! sorry dansmathheds - i was away from the microphone for a couple of months there - i was finishing up my sabbatical project (writing another math book) and getting ready to start school for the first time in 15 months - "teaching again now" as i would say at - podcast 32 is on its way to you - thanks for your patience, fellow math geeks!
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iWant my iPhone! tomorrow is the big day for the small uber-gadget / feel free to download dansmathcast onto your iPhone or Treo or iPod / show the podcast to your favorite math geek friend / iDare you to listen and send in an audio comment or question! /
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nba math contest you can win 5 or 10 iTunes songs by being first to answer the challenge problem in dansmathcast #30 / listen for nba math in my "mathematics for the masses" section / flavorful podcast 31 is on its way / thank you golden state warriors for a great 2006-07 season - from your playoff-starved fans!
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podcast hotel this weekend! a community event in san francisco! (not frisco, not san fran) the podcast hotel will "celebrate indie culture, podcasting, digital music, and the arts." dansmathcast will be represented there with schwag: cool new lapel buttons, green/purple cards, and dan him(my)self. go to for more!
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math at the podcast expo ? yes, it's true - i'm going to be presenting at this fall's podcast and portable media expo, on iLearnRadio's educational panel. that's great exposure for our program of choice, dansmathcast! i'll speak about aspects of technology (blogging and podcasting) and how they can benefit teachers, students, and other learners.
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march into spring (and vice versa) woodhead says: go to and check out dan's new problem of the week, about five runners going ten miles / have you seen dansmathflix #1, woodhead and safir? if not, you're left right out! / another podcast is on the way, with more mathematical things to say!
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iTunesU at my college(s)! it's coming soon at DVC (where i teach), but uc berkeley (my "old school") has a page now on iTunes U / i gave a presentation this week at LMC (another college in our district), plugging dansmathcast mercilessly as they prepare to get on the iTunes U bandwagon / thanks for supporting my show! (be sure to digg me at
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phoneless iphone by vday ? here i am at macworld with podcasting guru leo laporte, one of my idols and host of many tech 'netcasts' / he says there may be a wide ipod (like iphone minus the phone) by valentine's day / i was skeptical, so i immediately bought a current video ipod / now i can watch 'dansmathflix' anywhere, anytime! / if you love me you'll vote for my show at podcastalley ;-}
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happy holidaze from dansmath! here's to you (the time magazine person of the year!) / dan will be bach after the new year but before the macworld expo in SF / show #25 will be packed with math goodies / please send in your comments, questions, and better math jokes ( / how do you like my embellished icosahedron?
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the dan vinci code on my upcoming show #24, learn about the math behind some secret ciphers such as in the da vinci code, and in public key cryptography / listen to (one-year anniversary) show #23 for the basics of encoding and decoding / check out my holiday 'presence' at YouTube and MySpace, my member name is "dansmath"
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soon to be... show twenty-three! i am working on my next podcast / and will be speaking at a math teachers conference this week / showing some of my mathematica graphics and animations and plugging my podcast / my new problem-of-the-week #256 is up now on / i dare you to try it-- no charge! % ;-}
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other voting methods with the midterm elections (and midterm exams) behind us, we might start looking at other voting systems, besides the simple "plurality" / there are "instant runoff" and other surprising methods used in other parts of the world / we'll look into these on upcoming podcast #22
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running, then podcasting... hello runners and math nerds - are we a small or large intersection on the big venn diagram of life? / i just finished the silicon valley half marathon in record time - my slowest ever! / now working on show #21 - it will be out by halloween with more good math stuff for you!
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is math class a joke? your math class should make sense, but it shouldn't be so easy it's a joke / challenge yourself with some of the harder homework problems, even ones that aren't assigned / if you need a break from studying, listen to the math joke at the end of each of my podcasts!
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bach from podcast expo! here i am at the podcast expo in southern calif - in the libsyn car! i met lots of famous podcasters and bloggers, and got some exposure for dansmathcast / especially nice was talking to leo laporte, adam christianson of the maccast, 'shooby' kumar, and john 'oneminutetip' chambers, voices i knew well from their shows!
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thanks for watching my flix ! lots of you have been downloading dansmathflix #2 (even though it weighs in at over 90 MB); i'm very happy about that! i'll produce more animations and things this fall... i'm now working on podcast 19; you can leave a comment in iTunes! keep sending questions, i read some on my show!
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bach to school ! it's that time of the year again - students are buying books (such as the bach & leitner classic shown in the picture) and going online (for example, just to learn the world's most important subject: math! (is there anything of mine i haven't plugged?) so keep listening to my podcast, and watch for dansmathflix #2 soon.
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is math a language ? thank you for subscribing, voting, commenting, and of course listening / what an honor to find dansmathcast listed in the top 20 on podcast alley / many people say math is like a foreign language, and that's partly true / i am completing work on dansmathflix #2, "ways of seeing numbers" / it should be out in a couple or three weeks, after episode #17 / check for new links and directories listing dansmathcast soon!
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dansmathcast joins iLearn radio! dansmathcast has been persuaded by iLearn Radio Network to join its lineup of scheduled educational podcasts! / you can now hear my show as it might sound on a radio playlist / go to and check their "playing today" list. please e-mail me at if you try listening using their java player; let me know how you like the experience / and thanks iLearn and BX Radio Network (makers of CoolCast radio as well) !
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running into math problems? hey there dansmathheads / this is me running in the 2005 san francisco marathon / i ran for me and to benefit the National AIDS Foundation / i was slow but determined in that race / just like many math students; success takes perseverance / another chapter done in a series of math courses is like one more mile down in a marathon !
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dan surfing the internet to my loyal and/or casual listeners / thanks for your continued support / as you can see, i'm busy at the moment; i'll be recording my next podcast shortly / am i working hard, or hardly working? / meanwhile try my problem of the week, browse my problem archives, and download all my old podcasts!
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make the impossible happen ! whatever you do, you can do it better if you know some math. some of my students have said they thought it was impossible that they would ever pass, not to mention enjoy, a math class! this picture may look like an impossible object, but if you're looking at it, how impossible can it be? (podcast 13 on the way)
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segment logos for dansmathcast "know your podcaster" / one of the regular features on my math podcast / others are "chapter of the week" although the show comes out twice a month) / mathematics for the masses / advanced math topic of the week / viewer mail (ok, reader & listener mail) / speaking of knowing me, have you listened to podcasts # 1 - 11 yet? / #12 is on the way, with pythagorean theorem at the kentucky derby!
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do you see the pictures? hello pod people / i googled my podcast and realized that dansmathcast is listed on many blogs / not all of them display the pictures that i post / this one is a painful-looking moebius bracelet that i drew in mathematica / if you can't see the picture go to my blog at
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dan's decimal movement... this eatery proudly displays its decimal illiteracy / can they really make money selling a bag of chips for less than a penny? / as i explained in podcast #2, many people misunderstand and misuse decimals and percentages / if you spot a bad sign, take a picture and send it to me at / thanks for your votes at podcast alley / dansmathcast has been in their top 25 education list since late march / vote for me there each and every month %;-}
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dansmath rolls on ! dansmathcast has just crossed over the one billion download milestone! / oh, wait, maybe that was iTunes song downloads / the picture at right is part of the "nested circle world" / the great descartes had a formula back in 1637 for the curvatures of four "kissing circles" / i used it and mathematica to draw hundreds of circles; only a few are shown here / you can learn and see more at my popular website,
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how to do word problems ! hi dansmathfans - podcast #7 is in the works! this time it's the burning question my students always ask - "how do we do word problems?" - which comes after the question, "what are we gonna use all this math for?" - also coming up this weekend: the basics of calculus - so check back in a couple of days!
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do you want math videos? hello dansmath-heads, thanks for your support. i have a cartoon, woodhead and safir, and several mathematica animations done and in the works. do you want to see them, and is it ok to mix videos into this same feed? speak your piece at, and feel free to vote for dansmathcast at too! (icosahedron drawn with mathematica)
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back to school! by now all you students and teachers are into your spring semester or winter quarter; work hard, do your math! / i have some animations and movies i was going to post here, but judging from comments at inside mac radio, people don't like mixing videos and audios in the same feed; they can't watch videos on most players / but if you would like to get my movies i will be posting some on my website starting in february / go to / vote for dansmathcast at / thanks dansmathfans!
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happy new year 2006 ! wow, is it 2006 already?! / thanks again for all your downloads and subscriptions; i'm now listed on iTunes. odeo,,, yahoo podcasts, podcast alley, and more! (if you love dansmathcast, you can vote for me at / the picture at the right is Woodhead, a 3D character i've been animating over the last few years / look for a video podcast starring "Woodhead and Safir" soon!
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dansmathcast makes iTunes Top 100 wow / my humble podcast just made the iTunes Top 100 Education podcasts list! / sure it's only #95 now, but tell your friends, relatives and students to download it and subscribe, and we'll spread dansmath world wide! / I will soon be including some show notes, look for the mathcast logo items to grow a bit, and go to my website for updates, downloads, and math all around you! / check out my two shows, and expect a third show on December 25 or 26 / keep sending in comments!
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thanks for listening! my math podcast, dansmathcast, has been popular! many downloads and iTunes subscriptions, some from iPodder! you should check out my podcast by going to iTunes music store > podcasts > browse > education > dansmathcast, then subscribe! i'll be doing two shows each month, show 2 will be dec. 10, 2005. - dan the math man (saddle track drawn with mathematica)
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