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dansmathcast_005 dansmathcast is a twice-a-month variety show about mathematics. show #5 dives into variables and expressions, gcd and lcm, math hall-of-fame, and basic group theory. check out for podcast details, free lessons, feature pages, problem contests, and more!
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back to school! by now all you students and teachers are into your spring semester or winter quarter; work hard, do your math! / i have some animations and movies i was going to post here, but judging from comments at inside mac radio, people don't like mixing videos and audios in the same feed; they can't watch videos on most players / but if you would like to get my movies i will be posting some on my website starting in february / go to / vote for dansmathcast at / thanks dansmathfans!
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dansmathcast_004 dansmathcast is a curiously popular variety show about the subject of mathematics. show #4 covers exponents, strange rounding (proving 2+2=5), macworld expo, and functions. check out for podcast details, feature pages, math lessons, contest problems, lame jokes, and other math stuff!
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happy new year 2006 ! wow, is it 2006 already?! / thanks again for all your downloads and subscriptions; i'm now listed on iTunes. odeo,,, yahoo podcasts, podcast alley, and more! (if you love dansmathcast, you can vote for me at / the picture at the right is Woodhead, a 3D character i've been animating over the last few years / look for a video podcast starring "Woodhead and Safir" soon!
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