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dansmathcast_033 dansmathcast 08 - episode 33 - at long last / this time we look into opposites, inverses, and duals / trig form of complex numbers / math lottery confusion / solving the general cubic equation / and a repurposed math joke! visit for free lessons and contest !
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dansmathcast_032 dansmathcast is back! / dan brags about his presentation at the podcast expo / logic for the masses / solving trig equations / reader e-mail / graphing surfaces in 3D / and the dangers of pickles! / welcome dan 'bach' from his summer break.
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dansmathcast_bach_soon dan is still podcasting! / i am returning after my summer hiatus / this is a short verbal note to encourage you to stay with me! / blog at / show #32 appearing soon!
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dansmathcast_031 dansmathcast 2^5 - 1 / a math nerd reunion / oddball measures of length / trig identities and addition formulas / math on other podcasts / what are dynamical systems? / and a self-made math joke / visit and learn!
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dansmathcast_030 dansmathcast %30 / this time we uncover a percentage scandal / dansmath now on frappr and twitter / math for the nba masses / are you smarter than a contestant? / we trig-stalk the general triangle / advanced topic in statistics - goodness of fit / tune in and win prizes for being first to solve a b-ball problem!
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dansmathcast_029 dansmathcast@29 / it's time for: surprising integer formulas / trig graphs and wiggles / compound temperature formula / we answer the tossup q and e / advanced topic = infinite series / an actual imaginary math joke /
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dansmathcast_028 dansmathcast #28 / perfect number... perfect show ? / this time we look at the numerics of paper, vectors & trig graphs / high praise for dansmathcast / some nba math / the geometry of linear transformations / and st. patty serves up a fan's math joke!
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dansmathcast_027 dansmathcast #27 / celebrating 27 years of the 3x3x3 rubik's cube / we look at four physics formulas, circular trig functions, e-mail, math on a sports podcast, real manifolds, patty's study secret, and two geometric limericks / listen to all my previous shows; you'll get smarter a half hour at a time!
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dansmathcast_026 dansmathcast 26 / the 'math podcasting 101' show / we: look at the mathematics of tournaments / begin our trig studies / iron out our e-mail bag / and use linear programming! / can dan speak more slowly? / and if you thought math joke #25 was bad...
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dansmathcast_025 dansmathcast #25 : happy new year, now to macworld, then back to school / this time we take a close look at "e" / apply log and exponent equations / crack a secret code / math time on freaky friday / the 'string out' problem / my usual joke of a joke / new 'e' page soon on / %;-}
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dansmathcast_024 dansmathcast #24 : beginning my second year! / we look at consumer computer math, exponential and log functions, another type of secret code / a 'systematic' answer to an e-mail / the solution of the 'can' problem / this math joke is a joke / visit / vote for our show at podcastalley
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dansmathcast_023 dansmathcast #23 - One Full Year! / we explore radical equations, secret codes, read some e-mail, explode another math myth, and use calculus to find max or min / two other math websites (besides, and a math joke round out the show!
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dansmathcast_022 dansmathcast #22 / it's for you / this time we... discuss voting systems, start a new algebra book, look at functions, bask in the fan mail, and meet more quadratic numbers with weird properties / math joke is a calculus limerick / download all the old shows and learn a lot!
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dansmathcast_021 dansmathcast #21 - it's not a show about blackjack (or jack black) / this time it's medical math / dansquotes from podango / the unfinished chapter on quadratics / algebraic number fields of degree 2 / show 19 parabola found / mediccast promo
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dansmathcast_020 dansmathcast #20 - a show for you - math geek or math challenged. this time we look at geometry, logarithms, the math movie "proof," and induct sophie germain into the hall of fame. and 2 all u dansmathfans: thanks for the downloads, now vote for me at iTunes and PodcastAlley!
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dansmathcast_019 dansmathcast #19 / it's all about the love (for math) / visiting higher dimensions / quadratic equations / fan mail from Po / reflecting on parabolas and hyperbolas / a really bad math joke!
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dansmathcast_018 dansmathcast #18 - hot on the heels of the release of my blockbuster film - this episode looks at color numbers and systems, square root expressions, the great Ramanujan joins dan's math hall of fame, learn some reflection properties of circles and ellipses, and try a new type of math joke!
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dansmathcast_017 dansmathcast #17 (the world's most random number) / this time: rational expressions and equations (part 2), ways of seeing numbers, dan's e-mail questions, another 'math in the movies', equations of parabolas and hyperbolas, and trig riddles / andre agassi and tiger woods academies / my site is / dansmathcast is now a member of MERLOT, a multimedia education resource!
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dansmathcast_016 dansmathcast 4 squared 4 U / this time we talk about: factoring polynomials, finding conic sections, getting their equations / we read dan's e-mail questions / also a look at math in the movies / yet another lame math joke for the nerds / view my website at or my blog at / dansmathcast now on the "heavy rotation" at / listen in!
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dansmathcast_015 dansmathcast / 15 shows in 7.5 months; that's, uh, lots / this episode contains segments about: exponent laws and polynomials, other podcasts i listen to, the idea of proof, reader e-mail, and permutations / math joke as usual to make you groan / listen, you'll be smarter in a half hour!
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dansmathcast_014 dansmathcast is back / after a two-week break in maui / dan returns to talk about systems of equations, the state of math education, reader e-mail, the math hall of fame, and gaussian primes / you'll be smarter in a half hour!
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dansmathcast_013 dansmathcast #13 / it's your lucky day / the baker's-dozenth show covers graphing lines, a listener e-mail about irrationality, answers to previous show questions, best-fitting lines and curves, and student-sent math jokes! / celebrate my six months of podcasting by visiting for all your math nerds' needs!
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dansmathcast_012 dansmathcast #12 / who "dozen" like math? / apparently there are strong feelings on both sides / dansmathcast is a show for math nerds, math phobics, and everyone in between / this show looks at rational algebra, trig basics, e-mail questions, linear algebra, and which primes are sums of two squares / visit for contest problems and much more!
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dansmathcast_011 dansmathcast - on the air since 2005 - a math show for math nerds, math phobics, and everyone in between. show #11 covers equations, topology, moebius strips, math hall of fame, metric spaces and a math joke. listen to dansmathcast with pencil and paper for maximum benefit!
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dansmathcast_010 dansmathcast reaches thousands -- i am proud to bring you show #10. this time we talk about set theory, geometry, and complex numbers, with a bonus TV sitcom math sound clip. get the answers to last show's challenge and homework problems, hear one of dan's lame math jokes. we guarantee a smarter you in 30 days!
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dansmathcast_009 dansmathcast - ya gotta love it ! show #9 explains coordinates and graphs, statistics, polyhedra, math in the media, and more. visit for math lessons, an ongoing problem contest, and lots more.
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dansmathcast_008 dansmathcast - the title says it all! show #8 explains mixture, percent, and distance-rate-time problems, tessellations, who's looking at dan, and derivatives in calculus. stop by for math lessons, feature pages, a problem-of-the-week contest, and plenty more...
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dansmathcast_007 dansmathcast - a math variety show, is produced twice a month. show #7 addresses equations, word problems, math in the movies, and basics of calculus. visit for free lessons, feature pages, a problem-of-the-week contest, and other math stuff !
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dansmathcast_006 dansmathcast, a math variety show, appears here twice a month. show #6 looks at polynomials, fibonacci numbers, math hall-of-fame, and approximation techniques. go to for details, free lessons, feature pages, problem-of-the-week contest, and more!
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dansmathcast_005 dansmathcast is a twice-a-month variety show about mathematics. show #5 dives into variables and expressions, gcd and lcm, math hall-of-fame, and basic group theory. check out for podcast details, free lessons, feature pages, problem contests, and more!
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dansmathcast_004 dansmathcast is a curiously popular variety show about the subject of mathematics. show #4 covers exponents, strange rounding (proving 2+2=5), macworld expo, and functions. check out for podcast details, feature pages, math lessons, contest problems, lame jokes, and other math stuff!
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dansmathcast_003 dansmathcast is a popular, twice-monthly variety show about the subject of mathematics. show #3 covers fractions, order of operations, "what's math good for", and the mathematics of sound. check out for podcast details, feature pages, free lessons, problem archives, and other stuff!
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dansmathcast_002 dansmathcast is a twice-monthly variety show about the vast subject of mathematics. show #2 covers positive and negative integers, prime numbers, misuses of decimals and percentages, and more. check out for podcast details, free lessons, problem contests, and other great stuff!
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dansmathcast_001 dansmathcast is a math variety show about the vast subject of mathematics. dan will podcast twice a month with feature stories, challenge problems, and clear explanations of the beautiful world of math. check out for podcast details, free lessons, problem contests, and other goodies!
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