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dansmathcast_026 dansmathcast 26 / the 'math podcasting 101' show / we: look at the mathematics of tournaments / begin our trig studies / iron out our e-mail bag / and use linear programming! / can dan speak more slowly? / and if you thought math joke #25 was bad...
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phoneless iphone by vday ? here i am at macworld with podcasting guru leo laporte, one of my idols and host of many tech 'netcasts' / he says there may be a wide ipod (like iphone minus the phone) by valentine's day / i was skeptical, so i immediately bought a current video ipod / now i can watch 'dansmathflix' anywhere, anytime! / if you love me you'll vote for my show at podcastalley ;-}
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dansmathcast_025 dansmathcast #25 : happy new year, now to macworld, then back to school / this time we take a close look at "e" / apply log and exponent equations / crack a secret code / math time on freaky friday / the 'string out' problem / my usual joke of a joke / new 'e' page soon on / %;-}
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