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happy new year from dan happy 2008 = 2 * 2 * 2 * 251 from all of us at (me, myself and \/(-1).) dan is recording podcast 33 and it will be out very soon, so warm up those ipods!
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dan's math vs art gallery page hey dansmathfans / i have been meaning to put up a math picture gallery for a long time / here is a start / go to and click the picture gallery button / four ways to view a 3D functioni / those nested circles / poking holes in polyhedra / morphed curves and more !
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dansmathcast_032 dansmathcast is back! / dan brags about his presentation at the podcast expo / logic for the masses / solving trig equations / reader e-mail / graphing surfaces in 3D / and the dangers of pickles! / welcome dan 'bach' from his summer break.
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dansmathcast_bach_soon dan is still podcasting! / i am returning after my summer hiatus / this is a short verbal note to encourage you to stay with me! / blog at / show #32 appearing soon!
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bach is back at podcast expo... hey dansmathcast fans / i am down at the podcast expo in \"spacious\" Ontario, Calif. / i tried to get a show out before i left but ran out of time / i\'ll be back from my summer hiatus next week with more math content for you!
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yes i'm alive! sorry dansmathheds - i was away from the microphone for a couple of months there - i was finishing up my sabbatical project (writing another math book) and getting ready to start school for the first time in 15 months - "teaching again now" as i would say at - podcast 32 is on its way to you - thanks for your patience, fellow math geeks!
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iWant my iPhone! tomorrow is the big day for the small uber-gadget / feel free to download dansmathcast onto your iPhone or Treo or iPod / show the podcast to your favorite math geek friend / iDare you to listen and send in an audio comment or question! /
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dansmathcast_031 dansmathcast 2^5 - 1 / a math nerd reunion / oddball measures of length / trig identities and addition formulas / math on other podcasts / what are dynamical systems? / and a self-made math joke / visit and learn!
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nba math contest you can win 5 or 10 iTunes songs by being first to answer the challenge problem in dansmathcast #30 / listen for nba math in my "mathematics for the masses" section / flavorful podcast 31 is on its way / thank you golden state warriors for a great 2006-07 season - from your playoff-starved fans!
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dansmathcast_030 dansmathcast %30 / this time we uncover a percentage scandal / dansmath now on frappr and twitter / math for the nba masses / are you smarter than a contestant? / we trig-stalk the general triangle / advanced topic in statistics - goodness of fit / tune in and win prizes for being first to solve a b-ball problem!
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podcast hotel this weekend! a community event in san francisco! (not frisco, not san fran) the podcast hotel will "celebrate indie culture, podcasting, digital music, and the arts." dansmathcast will be represented there with schwag: cool new lapel buttons, green/purple cards, and dan him(my)self. go to for more!
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dansmathcast_029 dansmathcast@29 / it's time for: surprising integer formulas / trig graphs and wiggles / compound temperature formula / we answer the tossup q and e / advanced topic = infinite series / an actual imaginary math joke /
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math at the podcast expo ? yes, it's true - i'm going to be presenting at this fall's podcast and portable media expo, on iLearnRadio's educational panel. that's great exposure for our program of choice, dansmathcast! i'll speak about aspects of technology (blogging and podcasting) and how they can benefit teachers, students, and other learners.
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dansmathcast_028 dansmathcast #28 / perfect number... perfect show ? / this time we look at the numerics of paper, vectors & trig graphs / high praise for dansmathcast / some nba math / the geometry of linear transformations / and st. patty serves up a fan's math joke!
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march into spring (and vice versa) woodhead says: go to and check out dan's new problem of the week, about five runners going ten miles / have you seen dansmathflix #1, woodhead and safir? if not, you're left right out! / another podcast is on the way, with more mathematical things to say!
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dansmathcast_027 dansmathcast #27 / celebrating 27 years of the 3x3x3 rubik's cube / we look at four physics formulas, circular trig functions, e-mail, math on a sports podcast, real manifolds, patty's study secret, and two geometric limericks / listen to all my previous shows; you'll get smarter a half hour at a time!
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iTunesU at my college(s)! it's coming soon at DVC (where i teach), but uc berkeley (my "old school") has a page now on iTunes U / i gave a presentation this week at LMC (another college in our district), plugging dansmathcast mercilessly as they prepare to get on the iTunes U bandwagon / thanks for supporting my show! (be sure to digg me at
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dansmathcast_026 dansmathcast 26 / the 'math podcasting 101' show / we: look at the mathematics of tournaments / begin our trig studies / iron out our e-mail bag / and use linear programming! / can dan speak more slowly? / and if you thought math joke #25 was bad...
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phoneless iphone by vday ? here i am at macworld with podcasting guru leo laporte, one of my idols and host of many tech 'netcasts' / he says there may be a wide ipod (like iphone minus the phone) by valentine's day / i was skeptical, so i immediately bought a current video ipod / now i can watch 'dansmathflix' anywhere, anytime! / if you love me you'll vote for my show at podcastalley ;-}
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dansmathcast_025 dansmathcast #25 : happy new year, now to macworld, then back to school / this time we take a close look at "e" / apply log and exponent equations / crack a secret code / math time on freaky friday / the 'string out' problem / my usual joke of a joke / new 'e' page soon on / %;-}
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