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happy new year from dan happy 2008 = 2 * 2 * 2 * 251 from all of us at (me, myself and \/(-1).) dan is recording podcast 33 and it will be out very soon, so warm up those ipods!
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dan's math vs art gallery page hey dansmathfans / i have been meaning to put up a math picture gallery for a long time / here is a start / go to and click the picture gallery button / four ways to view a 3D functioni / those nested circles / poking holes in polyhedra / morphed curves and more !
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dansmathcast_032 dansmathcast is back! / dan brags about his presentation at the podcast expo / logic for the masses / solving trig equations / reader e-mail / graphing surfaces in 3D / and the dangers of pickles! / welcome dan 'bach' from his summer break.
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dansmathcast_bach_soon dan is still podcasting! / i am returning after my summer hiatus / this is a short verbal note to encourage you to stay with me! / blog at / show #32 appearing soon!
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bach is back at podcast expo... hey dansmathcast fans / i am down at the podcast expo in \"spacious\" Ontario, Calif. / i tried to get a show out before i left but ran out of time / i\'ll be back from my summer hiatus next week with more math content for you!
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yes i'm alive! sorry dansmathheds - i was away from the microphone for a couple of months there - i was finishing up my sabbatical project (writing another math book) and getting ready to start school for the first time in 15 months - "teaching again now" as i would say at - podcast 32 is on its way to you - thanks for your patience, fellow math geeks!
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iWant my iPhone! tomorrow is the big day for the small uber-gadget / feel free to download dansmathcast onto your iPhone or Treo or iPod / show the podcast to your favorite math geek friend / iDare you to listen and send in an audio comment or question! /
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dansmathcast_031 dansmathcast 2^5 - 1 / a math nerd reunion / oddball measures of length / trig identities and addition formulas / math on other podcasts / what are dynamical systems? / and a self-made math joke / visit and learn!
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nba math contest you can win 5 or 10 iTunes songs by being first to answer the challenge problem in dansmathcast #30 / listen for nba math in my "mathematics for the masses" section / flavorful podcast 31 is on its way / thank you golden state warriors for a great 2006-07 season - from your playoff-starved fans!
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dansmathcast_030 dansmathcast %30 / this time we uncover a percentage scandal / dansmath now on frappr and twitter / math for the nba masses / are you smarter than a contestant? / we trig-stalk the general triangle / advanced topic in statistics - goodness of fit / tune in and win prizes for being first to solve a b-ball problem!
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