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dansmath interview hey dansmathfans - i was just interviewed for iProng magazine (by bill palmer) about my website and my podcast, and there i am alongside swimmer Natalie Coughlin and rock legend Journey! visit and look for the sept. 18, 2008 issue. read all about me, my background, and the making of the dansmath empire!
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at new media expo! some serious podfading this year; i am in production of show #34 but left it to go to las vegas. i just got interviewed on twitlive with leo laporte (older picture at right) and on iprong radio with bill palmer. i'm enjoying being recognized around the convention center!
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i'm a joiner, not a fighter ok, i know there have been no podcasts for a while ... i am putting show #34 together and i have also joined some groups: , , , , and ... the last two or three are online teacher-resource-learning-community-social things!
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in school again, 2008 style only a true math geek would wear a "FOIL" shirt to a public gathering / "First, Outside, Inside, Last" takes on a new meaning at my favorite Chinese restaurant / listen to episode 31 for the occasion / working on episode 34 to "keep algebra fresh" in 2008 %;-}
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dansmathcast_033 dansmathcast 08 - episode 33 - at long last / this time we look into opposites, inverses, and duals / trig form of complex numbers / math lottery confusion / solving the general cubic equation / and a repurposed math joke! visit for free lessons and contest !
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happy new year from dan happy 2008 = 2 * 2 * 2 * 251 from all of us at (me, myself and \/(-1).) dan is recording podcast 33 and it will be out very soon, so warm up those ipods!
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dan's math vs art gallery page hey dansmathfans / i have been meaning to put up a math picture gallery for a long time / here is a start / go to and click the picture gallery button / four ways to view a 3D functioni / those nested circles / poking holes in polyhedra / morphed curves and more !
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dansmathcast_032 dansmathcast is back! / dan brags about his presentation at the podcast expo / logic for the masses / solving trig equations / reader e-mail / graphing surfaces in 3D / and the dangers of pickles! / welcome dan 'bach' from his summer break.
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dansmathcast_bach_soon dan is still podcasting! / i am returning after my summer hiatus / this is a short verbal note to encourage you to stay with me! / blog at / show #32 appearing soon!
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bach is back at podcast expo... hey dansmathcast fans / i am down at the podcast expo in \"spacious\" Ontario, Calif. / i tried to get a show out before i left but ran out of time / i\'ll be back from my summer hiatus next week with more math content for you!
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